DiffEngineX Screenshots

DiffEngineX Screenshots

DiffEngineX finds the differences between Excel spreadsheet files quickly. The screenshots below show its user-interface, the difference report and the color highlighted copies of the workbook files being compared. DiffEngineX can highlight cell differences at the character level. Row alignment allows worksheets to be compared even if they have had new rows inserted and existing rows deleted.

The Options dialog allows you to specify whether names, comments and VBA macros should be compared along with the worksheet cells. You can toggle whether each cell's formulae or calculated value are compared and ignore small numeric differences.

The Extras dialog allows you to specify the colors used for deletions, additions and changes and whether existing workbook fill color should be removed first. The most powerful option here allows you to hide matching rows on the color highlighted workbooks. In this way all the differences can be seen at once.

Click on each image for the full-scale version.

Compare individual Excel sheets or whole workbooks xls xlsx.Difference report generated in new Excel workbook.See Excel formulae differences highlighted at the character level.

Choose the colors used to highlight Excel cell differences. Hide matching rows or different rows. Powerful comparison options. Ignore small numeric differences. Compare either formulas or calculated values. Compare Excel defined names and comments. Align rows between 2 Excel workbooks.

Column alignment between two different Excel spreadsheets. Visual Basic for Applications VBA Code Macro Comparison. Compare Folders of Excel Spreadsheet Files xlsx xlsm xlsb xls.